We're a certified partner of JobRouter AG. We implement the modern JobRouter workflow system, which enjoys a great reputation in many European countries.

JobRouter Workflow features solutions that increase the efficiency of work in an organisation through better distribution of tasks in a team and constant supervision over the effectiveness of operations. As a result, company managers receive a tool enabling full control over each component of the final financial result.

JobRouter AG

JobRouter AG is a German company founded in 1994, which quickly became well known in the field of ERP systems on the European market. The JobRouter workflow system was created in 2003 and since then, the company and its partners have carried out over 1,000 implementations of the system. JobRouter's main headquarters are in Mannheim, with branches in Casablanca, Istanbul and Warsaw. Thanks to a global partner network, the system is available in every country around the world.


  • allows us to build a prototype of a moderately complex process in a just few days,
  • is an open environment and is not limited to the functions designed in it, allowing you to expand it with new functionalities as per your own design,
  • is simple to integrate with other systems, doesn't replace dedicated systems, and combines the entire IT infrastructure into one ecosystem,
  • enables the organisation to independently design and edit processes at any time – the system changes with the company without burdening it with unnecessary costs,
  • up to 300 users is licensed because of its functional scope, not the number of people who use it. As a result, the system is equipped with only the necessary functionalities, and the entire organisation can use it at no additional cost,
  • is available from anywhere via a web browser,
  • Our many implementations in various industries and fields prove that this platform is the right choice. Check out our completed projects.


When implementing IT solutions, we're looking for the right balance between the implementation of a ready solution that can be quickly implemented in the organisation, and a dedicated solution that fully takes into account the specificity of business processes. Based on many years of experience in implementing both IT systems designed from scratch and ready-made market solutions, we chose a platform that combines fast implementation time with the ability to reflect even the most complex business processes.


Time and money savings

JobRouter waill result in fewer mistakes made by employees, eliminate the risk of data loss during the complicated document flow processes, and remind you about tasks to be performed. It'll also speed up the time of sending and receiving the task, and improve contact with clients and business partners.

We'll adapt the system to your needs

JobRouter will meet all the automation needs of your business. Thanks to advanced modules, system compatibility and our team's contribution, we can create functions that'll solve your existing problems.

We integrate JobRouter with other systems

One of the biggest advantages of JobRouter is its ease of integration with other systems. Irrespective of whether it's a financial and accounting system or an ERP system, the creation of interconnections opens up new reporting possibilities. Extended financial analyses combining data from the accounting system with data from invoices that are still in the approval process are just one example of the control resulting by complete information flow.

You don't overpay

The flexible licensing model makes the price/functionality ratio of JobRouter stand out from other solutions. The price is adequate to the functions that the organisation needs at a given moment, which means the system is used in both large corporations and small enterprises.

You eliminate paper and have more control

You'll never again hear about a lost invoice, application or contract. Thanks to JobRouter, you'll always be able to check where a given document is, as well as who made changes and had access to it. Our system also lets you generate reports that meet your needs

You increase the system as your company develops

JobRouter has no limitations on the number of processes. What's more, you can create and edit them yourself. We give you the system, and you set its rules. To introduce a new process, you don't have to hire programmers – we'll teach you to create and modify processes so that you can adapt them to your changing needs.

You decide where the data are stored

You decide where to install the system – we can install it in the cloud or on your server. For us, the most important thing is your convenience and data protection.


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